Pathway to Success Program

Brooker Memorial is offering a new program in partnership with the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation. The program is offered to Torrington High School students completing their sophomore or junior year of school.

A great opportunity for students to discover what options are available to them after high school

The Pathway to Success program has a goal of helping students find a career path that makes sense based off their natural born abilities. This can be discovered by taking the daylong aptitude test created by the Johnson O’Connor facility in Boston, MA.

The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation is a non-profit research and educational organization with locations across the USA. Each year the foundation helps thousands of individuals discover their innate potential and choose careers that fit how their minds naturally work. Learn more about the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation.

Each year Brooker Memorial selects 15 students in the Spring and Fall to travel to Boston to participate in an intensive day-long series of aptitude tests.

Our Goal

  • Help students discover their innate potential and explore characteristics about themselves that can be used to achieve a fulfilling career.
  • Provide students with resources and knowledge from working professionals to enhance their thought process of future plans and what options they have once they leave high school.

Selection Process

Brooker Memorial’s committee will review applications throughout January and students who are accepted will be notified by email with further information. Application Deadline: February 9, 2024.


The cost of testing and transportation per student is approximately $1,200.

Brooker Memorial is offering to cover the full cost of the program, however the following expectations must be fulfilled.

  • Complete the application in complete sentences.
  • Be able to sit and focus for a long period of time. Testing is broken into two sessions lasting approximately 2-3 hours each. The testing sessions are broken into the following two models:
    • One on one testing with an administrator
      • Puzzles, memorization, word association etc.
    • Audio visual format
      • A video guides you through a series of tests.
  • Attend result session on-site at Brooker Memorial (parents are strongly encouraged to attend)
  • Participate in a group session event at the high school meeting with work professionals and small workshops.
  • Participate in follow up communication and other career exploration activities and opportunities

What Your Day Will Look Like

Students will leave the high school around 6:45am and travel to Boston, arriving around 10am. Johnson O’Connor employees will individually take students to perform a variety of tests.

Lunch will be after the first session of testing. (Students are required to bring lunch, light snacks and refreshments will be provided).

Once testing is complete around 5:00pm, students will stop at a rest stop for dinner/snacks and arrive back to the high school around 9pm.

*Times are subject to change due to traffic, and the length of testing.

Follow Up Events

Follow Up Event 1 (PDF)|Follow Up Event 2 (Coming Soon)

Apply Online

Dates for the 2024 Winter Session are February 28th, 29th & March 6th, 7th

Application Deadline: February 9, 2024

Important Notes

  • Each trip will have four students and two chaperones. One chaperone from Brooker and One chaperone from THS.
  • Students will be required to bring their own lunch. $15 will be given to each student for dinner/snacks at a rest stop on the way home.
  • This is not a test that you can study for. Be sure to get a good nights sleep and do not stress! The test is designed to discover what you are naturally good at, which is not something you can study for.

Contact Us

For any questions, please contact:

Kaitlyn Graboski
Marketing and Program Coordinator
860-489-1328 ext. 128


Yes, I felt it was interesting and insightful and am looking forward to what my results will say
100% because it was a great learning experience and helped me to think fast and in a different way.
It was a  great experience. It helped me understand myself a lot better in an approachable and fun way.
I learned that I work best with others and need to learn about many things not just one. I can apply this in my life now and will continue to focus to use this skill.