Some day care and child care centers provide weekly enrichment activities to our enrolled children at no extra charge to families.

Children can enjoy weekly music classes taught by singer, songwriter, and music educator Kath Bloom. Participation in music activities provides multiple developmental benefits.  Music improves children’s language development by providing opportunities to learn the sounds and meanings of words and to practice new vocabulary. Research has also shown that music promotes brain growth and memory skills. The sensory stimulation provided by music and movement increases the number of connections between cells in the brain. And dancing to music improves children’s motor skills, increases physical activity, and encourages self-expression.

Introducing Yoga at a young age benefits children’s physical coordination, makes them stronger, and helps improve focus. The practice of Yoga also leads to better body awareness, boosts self esteem and confidence, and is known to reduce stress and have a calming effect. Our children participate in Yoga classes each week taught by Little Flower Yoga certified instructor Jean Cunningham.

The children also participate in regular gardening activities in our outdoor organic garden. They help to plant and maintain 10 raised beds of various vegetables and strawberries, and also seasonally plant sunflowers and pumpkins. The garden is used for many nature inspired learning activities, and the produce is harvested and eaten by the children with extras being shared through the children’s free farmers market.