Johan Arango
Johan Arango

Office Specialist / Receptionist

Johan joined Brooker Memorial in October 2015. He has four years of experience in a dental office. Johan loves working at Brooker because of all the patients he gets to meet. He says the kids are hilarious, always making him laugh with the things they say. Johan also loves the staff that he works with. He says they always have a friendly hello and a warm smile. He feels that Brooker is one big family. Outside of work, Johan likes to spend time with his family, go to the gym, practice boxing, soccer and basketball and hang out with his little brother, who makes him laugh like no other!

Yes, I felt it was interesting and insightful and am looking forward to what my results will say
100% because it was a great learning experience and helped me to think fast and in a different way.
It was a  great experience. It helped me understand myself a lot better in an approachable and fun way.